Are You Interested In Boosting Your Revenue?? Profit? Scaling? How About With Very Little Effort On Your Part?

Attending my 4-Day Mansion Mastermind is designed to give you the systems and rocket fuel to get you to that next level in your business.

You’ll get not only me as a coach but Some Of The Highest Sought After Entrepreneurs in the Business and Mindset Space.


Joni Wolfswinkel

Joni is a successful entrepreneur with a penchant for business and the grit to see her ventures through. She is the owner and CEO of Real Property Management Preferred and Real Property Management Albuquerque. She co-founded the Build to Rent firm Texas Turnkey Properties and co-owns Mr. Rooter of Albuquerque with her husband, Shawn. Joni's latest venture is True Work Logistics - an innovative remote virtual assistant hiring company. Her Houston based property management firm recently garnered national news headlines as it was recognized for being  “Franchise of the Year” honors for her outstanding business practices. Joni bested 400 Franchise owners in North America to claim this year’s top spot.


Deb is passionate about helping others fix their business. She offers expert one-on-one consulting by finding solutions to each business’ pain points. Since 2010 she has refined and perfected her craft, focusing on people, processes, and technology. Her specialty is identifying and providing solutions to pain points in her client’s business, with a balanced approach to ensure that the root cause of an issue is addressed rather than just ‘symptom solving. She is skilled in project management, maintenance solutions, team development, S.W.O.T. analysis, revenue growth, and product solutions.

This Will Be the team that takes You Into Success In The New Economy

Did you ever sit and imagine having your ideal life when you first started your business? And did you think it was all but a matter of time until you made it a reality?

Are you seeking ultimate financial freedom and total control of your life…

You’ve had success but you want more market share. You want to know you’re on your way to becoming the #1 company in your area or in your niche…

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that no matter the economy, you could network in a matter of seconds with other like-minded individuals and get all your questions answered by a team of experts as well as be a part of a closely connected group that will not only help you but hold you accountable?

I know you'd feel great and I know it would propel you to do more and be even better than you could imagine!

Now the most exciting part – how would you spend your money?

Perhaps you'd take more holidays than you do right now.

Maybe you'd spend far more time with your friends, your family, and the people you love. Or perhaps you would focus more actively on a passion or hobby.

Many people go through life thinking they want freedom. I would say that it is not only the freedom but the memories you create as a result of that freedom.

Imagine being able to create all the memories you always thought possible and your business is running on its own while providing you with the ability to create those memories

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

If so, then you need to read every word of this letter very carefully!


Because I know that your reality might be further away from that vision than you think (and I have the solution – which I’m going to talk later about) …

Let me guess…

You’re sick of trying new coaching programs and courses or attending some mastermind without getting the results you’re searching for or promised

You have wasted years and a bunch or your cash flow or savings to make it work

You’re confused and paralyzed to the point where you feel you can’t even take one more action because you’re not sure if you’re just wasting more money

Not to mention the turmoil, struggle and stress you have endured to convert your business efforts into the success that you have achieved to this point.

Let me tell you one thing

We've all been down that road, and the toughest part is NOT losing money. The toughest part is…

Not Knowing Why Things Are Going Wrong!

You can’t fix something until you know what the problem is, right?

That’s why I have a little confession to make regarding the REAL problems most entrepreneurs are facing nowadays.

First let me do a quick presentation…

My name is Steve, and I am a successful entrepreneur and international speaker (you can go ahead and Google me if you want)

While I’m not someone who likes talking himself up, I’d say I’m one of the very few people giving advice that have actually walked what they talk.

Putting it as short as I can, I'm the total opposite of a "guru."

I'm not the kind of guy who has millions of followers, owns a private jet, and lives on a constant world luxury vacation..

I'm telling you that I have zero interest in living the "Instagram life."

Let me tell who I am, I am a person that created, built,Scaled and Eventually sold one the fastest growing companies in Texas. I did this focusing on 3 things which I will share with you next. Oh did I mention I did this all while being a fulltime International Airline Pilot for a Major airline flying a Boeing 777.

I know guru’s like to give a 97 step process to success but I don’t think it needs to be that complicated.

I learned how to combine my expertise of knowing processes, procedures, systems and checklists from my airline career and implement them into my business model to grow it, scale it and eventually sell the company based on these principles I will be sharing with you at my 4 Day Mastermind.

Now let’s get back to 3 major problems that I mastered and use to help entrepreneurs who are faced with trying to grow a sustainable business:

Problem #1

Lack of Monetization

One of the major obstacles to overcome for entrepreneurs not understanding how to fully monetize their business. Understanding how to master both the marketing of your business as well as the sales portion is critical. Cash flow into your business is the lifeline you need to survive.

You can be good at many things in your business, but if you do not understand how to monetize your business successfully you will not survive the new economy. Making sure you know how to target the right client for your business model, and learning how to grade your clients to ensure you are spending the right time with the right clients is imperative to growth. Getting repeat business from your current client base and learning how to create a sustainable referral plan

All of this will fill your inbound marketing funnel with not just new leads, but the right leads When you do this you ring the cash register more and ultimately create unlimited monetization for your company.
But do not let these “Guru’s” fool you; just being a master at monetization will not be the only thing you need to be an expert at when it comes to building a successful and sustainable business.

In this scenario, my advice is to find a mentor or learn from a trustable coach

But not a guru. I repeat – stay away from them.

Problem #2

Not Creating The Systemization To Have The Business Run Without You

The definition of a business as I was taught is “A commercial Profitable Enterprise, That Runs Without You”

Meaning, that if you cannot step away from your business for 3 hours, 3 days, or 3 weeks, and have it run on its own. Well, you do not have a business; you actually have a job by definition.

A true business is made up of processes and procedures, which are done by employees and team members in the form of leverage.

One of the biggest issues is business owners thinking that they need to be the one that does it all by themselves. They are the smartest, and most caring and no one can do it better than anyone else. The reality is if the owner is doing it all by themselves then I can almost guarantee they are not doing all the job roles, tasks, and duties well.

As a matter of fact, because they are spread so thin, I would venture to guess that they are not doing even one task to their fullest potential.

As an entrepreneur, your job is to focus on bigger, bolder, broader items. Having a team to leverage out the everyday tasks and duties is the best and in reality, the only way to scale your business so that it can truly run without you.
Being around like-minded people like you will meet at the Business Mansion Mastermind is essential to growing not only your business but I would say more importantly your mindset.

It’s a fact – an entrepreneur like you has a different mindset than the average person.

And you understand that most people surrounding you can sometimes be toxic to your goals.

Whether it’s because they’re jealous or they think you’re being unrealistic, there’s usually not much good that comes out of it. It

becomes extremely difficult to progress when you’re met with negative thoughts from those around you.

You start to second-guess yourself; you have doubts as to whether you can really make it as an entrepreneur, and it ultimately hinders your growth.

Many entrepreneurs feel like they can’t even reveal their true ambitions to the people closest to them for fear of being ridiculed.

But all this can get flipped upside down…

As soon as you become part of a community like The Business Mansion Mastermind

Instead of people pushing you down with negative talk, you’re met with positive reinforcement from your fellow entrepreneurs.

They’re in the same boat as you and they have the same goals, aspirations, and dreams.

They want to see you succeed just as badly as you want to succeed but they are holding you accountable to make those goals become a reality.

If there’s one thing that clearly shows the importance of community building for entrepreneurs, this is it.

Because without a community behind them, most entrepreneurs will fail before they even start.

Problem #3

Not Being Able To Scale Their Business

Having a business that has mastered the Monetization side of things so that inbound money is coming is definitely essential.

Then get your business systemized so that it is not only leveraged by team members but running off of policies, procedures, and structure. Not emotions and knee-jerk reactions.

The next hurdle is to make sure that when your business does grow and scale, you can have the training in place so that you can stick to the old adage… “Slow to hire, quick to fire”. By having the ability to add new staff or replace bad ones without the fear of being held hostage by any one person.

Knowing that as your business grows in age and size, the people you start with will most likely not be the same people you end with. Knowing what each person does, learning how to cross-train team members, and having it all documented so that you can scale in the same market or grow into new markets.

And the best part is because you built the system and the model you can let others do the work if you choose.

A Mastermind Event Is An Example Of Community…

But Unfortunately, Most Of Them Are Nothing More Than Fluff and a circle jerk (Sorry That’s The Truth)

But why so? First, in most masterminds, you are taught to use a standard solution no matter what kind of business you have.

In The Business Mansion Mastermind, I and my team won't use re-hashed generic solutions because that can’t possibly get you what you want.

The approach we use to grow your business will be tailored precisely so it’s going to work no matter what market or niche you are in.

Second, many coaches expect you to supply answers to their questions so they can feed back those same answers as solutions to your problems.

It’s almost as if they’re learning on the job.

Unlike many coaches, I’ve started and sold several of my own companies and I’m currently building and scaling many others

The point of telling you this is that I know what I’m doing and I have the track record to prove it.

Inside this mastermind, we’ll quickly develop a strategy starting from monetization, systems, policies, procedures, and structure, as well as all the facets of starting, building and owning a business – from hiring, handling employee and team challenges to growing your business, sales, closing, marketing, scaling, and so much more.

You will walk out with a Blue-Print For Success along with coaching from the speakers themselves along with myself.

Usually, you’ll start to get results immediately once leaving the event

In the weird case that something doesn’t produce results immediately, we’ll implement an alternate approach and keep going (or you can take advantage of my guarantee that I’m going to talk later about)

Why Does The Business Mansion Mastermind Trump All The Other Programs?

In addition to my real deal experience in building, scaling, and selling a multimillion-dollar company, I’ve consulted with hundreds of clients getting jaw-dropping business results over and over again.

I’ve advised and worked for hands on with successful, sophisticated entrepreneurs running all sorts of businesses

The Business Mansion Mastermind is my creation by combining all my business expertise and experience along with my almost 30 years of being a professional airline pilot.

This will form a group of like-minded individuals all working together to elevate their game - to make more money, to gain more freedom and achieve the life they've always dreamed of

I’ve designed it from the ground up using my background as a successful entrepreneur / Airline pilot and taking it in the trenches of the business world.

I tried to hard to make it the fastest growing, highest impact, and most affordable LIVE business and growth mastermind there is on planet Earth for entrepreneurs trying to understand, learn, grow and scale their business no matter what level!

What Will You Get When You Join The Mastermind?

  • 4 Day Deep Dive Business Immersion
  • Learn systems, operations, Processes, and Procedures
  • Learn and Spend All 4 days In A Mansion
  • ​Gourmet Me​al’s Prepared For You By Our Private Chef
  • ​Luxury Hotel Accommodations 
  • ​5 Star Restaurant Dining
  • ​12 Months of In-Depth Coaching From:
  • Guest Speaker #1
  • Myself - Live Coaching Session
And so much more!


the People You See In These Testimonials Got Something You Can’t Measure With Money - True Independence

After many fascinating interviews with these successful people inside the mastermind, some Mansion Members came to me and said that they had gained something greater than money… There was an air of confidence, a feeling of security, maybe even an inner peace that made these members stand out in a crowd.

But maybe it wasn’t the money, maybe it was the knowledge that they had discovered a way to live well, no matter what happened in their lives.

They knew that anytime they were stuck on their business and life, all they had to do was follow the advice inside The Business Mansion Mastermind. And in a few days, money would start filling their bank accounts.

No one gave me a helping hand when I started. Therefore, I promised I’d make it easier on all those who came after me.

This mastermind lets me fulfill that promise.

My whole goal with life and business is to help people live the life they've dreamed of and avoid the pitfalls and stress that can come from starting and owning a business.

Where most dreams become their own nightmare without the right help. It’s important to let you know that Business Mansion Mastermind is NOT for you if…
  • You’d rather spend your time reading and listening to podcasts and trying to implement an effective business growth strategy for yourself, without talking with an expert first
  • You’re not willing to move quickly, or are uninterested in new and innovative tactics.
  • You’d rather use come up with your own ideas (if and when you do), and you believe you already know pretty much everything that’s going to work in your company.
  • ​You already have all the solid business growth advice you need The Business Mansion Mastermind is only for people who want to better their lives, learn from top entrepreneurs, and make the life they have always wanted If that's not you, then stop reading now, because you will be wasting your time as well as everyone else's on my team.
However, if you are someone who is committed to leveling up, networking with the top players in the business owner game, and earning whatever it is you want, then The Business Mansion Mastermind IS PERFECT FOR YOU!

So, What’s Next?

At this point you're probably wondering what are the next steps to see if you are a fit to join this small select group.

Seems like a no brainer to anyone.

Click on the calendar below and lets have a simple conversation to see if you are a fit and that you can truly benefit from joining our tribe of like minded group members
P.S: You must hurry. This is the first time in a while that I am offering this opportunity to the general public.

And, like I said... I'm not eager to get overwhelmed with responses because we keep this event small and very selective.

I know how difficult it is to find a community filled with real, honest and expert advice like this. If you aren’t ready for what I offer, that's fine.

I am not out to convert you to anything. I am out to share an opportunity that no one else has the guts to reveal.

Join the mastermind today, right now, while it’s still hot in your mind. And prepare to have your mind blown... and your entire world changed forever.

It really is that powerful. Just try not to be overwhelmed at the amount of quality information you'll learn in the mastermind!
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